Satomi & Roman

Satomi and Roman are a lovely multicultural couple. Satomi is a beautiful Japanese bride, and she married the love of her life, on December 20, 2017. Fantastic Work was thrilled to provide the photography services for this couple on their wedding day. The ceremony and reception took place at the Old Mill Toronto, an event centre that has been up and running since 1914. The address for this centre is: 21 Old Mill Road, in Toronto, Ontario. The Old Mill is a heritage event centre, which offers hotel rooms, spa services, restaurants, banquet facilities and more. This site has beautiful gardens, streams, tea gardens, wild life and more, all centred in the bustling city of Toronto, making it a perfect wedding destination spot. The Old Mill has a beautiful on site chapel for those of religious backgrounds, offering stained glass and high cathedral ceilings. For those who are non religious, this site also offers alternative ballrooms to hold ceremonies, and many options for wedding receptions. The Humber river is located close by to the Old Mill, with stone pathways leading down the gardens. This site has been a part of Canadian heritage for many years, as Etienne Brule, was the first explorer to have found and viewed the Humber river. Trading became rampant along the Humber river, and many mills were built and became profitable along the river. Eventually, the Old Mill tea garden was built in 1914, and it acted as a news and events centre for those living in the residential development area nearby. As time progressed, the Old Mill transformed, into what we recognize today. This special couple, Roman and Satomi, were able to cherish their vows made to another at such a beautiful site.


Fantastic Work was able to take beautiful picturesque photographs of the new bride and groom walking down the beautiful cobblestone pathways, holding hands and sharing a warm embrace. The bride’s beautiful peach coloured flowers stand out amongst the sunlit sky, and her flowing princess style gown sparkles in the daylight.


Fantastic Work was proud to offer photography services for such a beautiful couple, showcasing the best value a company could offer its clients. When you choose Fantastic Work, you choose quality, value and expertise, three items that should be on your must have list as your special day approaches. You can choose our company with ease, because what you see is what you get. You see professionalism, care, dedication and value, and this is exactly what we deliver.