Hira & Azhar

Hira and Azhar are a beautiful couple, whom celebrated their bond of love towards one another through marriage in 2015. Fantastic Work was happy to provide photography and videography services for this couple, as they began their lives as husband and wife. As a traditional Indian couple, their marriage ceremony is split over three days, with different events occurring each day. The first day, the future bride and groom have a private ceremony at home with only a few in attendance. The second day, the bride and groom have their Mehndi ceremony, which took place at the Factory Lounge, an upscale event centre located at 34 Futurity Gate, unit 8, in Vaughan, Ontario. This event centre is known for its modern art design and incorporation of modern day icons into their event space. The Factory Lounge prides themselves on being able to offer luxurious space which has an upscale vibe.


Fantastic Work was able to take beautiful photographs and videos of this couple as they conducted their traditional Mehndi ceremony in front of their family and friends. The Nikaah ceremony which is the actual legal bond of marriage, occurred later, at the Islamic Foundation Toronto, located at 441 Nugget Avenue, in Scarborough, Ontario.


This beautiful couple completed their three day wedding by having their main reception at Riviera Events and Convention Centre, located at 2800 Highway 7, in Concord, Ontario. This wedding took place on July 31, in the beautiful warmth of the summer sun. Riviera is Italian owned and operated, focusing on European cuisine, while also working alongside others to promote multiculturalism and multicultural cuisine for their guests.


The beautiful bride and groom are photographed by Fantastic Work in their traditional cultural garments, both incorporating the colour red to symbolize their shared background. Photographs of the beautiful decor are evident in many of their pictures, to showcase their tasteful choice in elegant event venues. Photographs by Fantastic Work of the bride’s beautiful hand henna are evident, which also showcases their special cultural traditions. The couple’s smiles as they take their steps as husband and wife are breathtaking, and their special song Kabhi Kabhi by Arjun, adds to their love and commitment over a special three day wedding event.


Fantastic Work prides itself on being an amazing photography and videography company, simply because we understand the value of individualism and multiculturalism, and we understand how to make every couple’s memories something to cherish. We are the best choice for wedding photography and videography, as we offer value, unprecedented time and excellent management.